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Dear Dad, Mom, or Student:
First of all, thank you for having come this far, and for being willing to get to know a little more closely the school that we have created with so much love and affection.
I am Antonio Ibáñez Gallisoga, founder of San José de Calasanz. During my years of experience, I have met thousands of students who have passed through our classrooms. And I say known, because each of the people who enter my house, are part of my family, and, you know, that family comes first, always.
The school was founded in Elche in 1967, and it has always set the same goal for us, to educate with the heart .
To you who are reading this, I invite you to get to know us a little more closely, as you come in and hopefully you stay, in our house.
Antonio Ibáñez Gallisoga
Our philosophy
San josé de calasanz elche

The private concerted school San José de Calasanz de Elche, is characterized by a familiar and close environment, based on the search for the comprehensive training of the student in matters of values and education.

Our history

San José de Calasanz Elche was founded in 1967 by Don Antonio Ibáñez Gallisoga, which makes it one of the longest-lived private concerted centers in our city. We offer comprehensive education from 0 to 16 years old, different professional training qualifications and other non-regulated training.

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