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Adult School

Obtaining the Official Title of Graduate in Secondary Education can be obtained at our San José de Calasanz center . We are the only private center authorized for this teaching in Elche and practically in the province. It is not a preparation for an external test, the title is obtained in the center itself.

Students may join in the same calendar year in which they turn eighteen years of age.

At the time of accessing the training of adults, an initial assessment of each adult will be carried out on a mandatory basis, in order to proceed in this way with their orientation and assignment. This initial assessment will include aspects related to the knowledge, experiences, skills and procedures that each person possesses and will take into account their previous studies, the personal and professional skills acquired, their expectations and the interests of each adult. Being able to complete the degree in one or two academic years.

The schedules are adapted to the possible work days of the students, in the afternoons (from 17:00 to 20:00) or late-night (from 19:00 or 20:00 to 22:00). It's 10 hours a week.

Continuous evaluation is carried out based on the acquisition of adult teaching competencies.


We offer this training in small groups , with personalized attention and flexible teaching .

It is never too late to improve, to get better job opportunities or to access higher education.


From San José de Calasanz, we will help you to finally obtain your ESO degree.



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