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Professional Training Middle Grade Commercial Activities

Are you innovative, creative and do you like the treatment of the public? Communication is your strong suit? Do you want to learn how to do all this? San José de Calasanz Elche is your place!

You may be here because you want to take an alternative route to the Bachelor to access higher studies, that you come from basic vocational training in commerce and want to continue learning or that you have discovered that this is your true vocation ... Whatever your case We assure you that everything you will learn here will help you to train as a professional, to overcome your fears, to know yourself better, to exploit your abilities and ultimately, to get the best version of yourself.



Requirements to access:

You will be able to access intermediate level vocational training if you meet any of the following requirements:

Enter by direct access:

  • Have the title of Compulsory Secondary Education or a higher academic level.

  • Have passed Basic Vocational Training.

  • Be in possession of a title of Technician or Assistant Technician or equivalent for academic purposes.

  • Have passed the second year of the Unified and Polyvalent Baccalaureate (BUP).

  • Access through the university entrance test for people over 25 years old.

Access by trial (for those who do not have any of the above requirements)

  • Pass the entrance exam to intermediate level training cycles (it will be required to be at least seventeen years old, completed in the year of the test).



What am I going to learn in the business cycle?

  • With this cycle, you will learn to undertake the activity on your own in a small business, to administer and manage an establishment by carrying out the activities necessary for the proper functioning of the business and in accordance with current regulations

  • Sell ​​products and / or services in the different existing marketing channels, using the necessary sales techniques for each client and in accordance with the criteria set by the company

  • You will learn to carry out electronic commerce actions to achieve the objectives established by the company in the digital marketing plan

  • Carry out the commercial and administrative management of the establishment using the appropriate programs to achieve profitability of time

  • Carry out the marketing actions established by the company in the marketing plan, identifying the needs of the customers in order to satisfy them, what factors intervene in setting prices, the distribution channels and the appropriate communication techniques to meet them. with the objectives set by the management.

  • Execute customer service plans, using CRM to manage customer information that allows us to maintain an excellent quality service to achieve a high degree of consumer or user satisfaction.

  • Manage relationships with clients, users or consumers in English.


Training plan

The Medium Degree of Commercial Activities, comprises 2000 hours. The professional modules of this training cycle are:

  • Marketing in commercial activity.

  • Management of a small business.

  • Warehouse techniques.

  • Purchase management.

  • Technical sale.

  • Dynamization of the point of sale.

  • Sales processes.

  • Computer applications for commerce.

  • Commercial attention services.

  • Electronic commerce

  • English.

  • Training and career counseling.

  • Formation in work centers.


At the end of my studies, what can I do?

At the end of the middle degree of commercial activities I can work as:

  • Seller / saleswoman.

  • Trade Representative.

  • Promoter / promoter.

  • Telemarketer / telemarketer.

  • Distance Selling.

  • Teleoperador / teleoperadora (Call - Center).

  • Information / customer service.

  • Cashier / cashier; replenisher / replenisher.

  • Contact-center operator / attendant.

  • On-line content administrator / administrator.

  • Shop merchant.

  • Small business manager.

  • Technician / technician in inventory and warehouse management.

  • Warehouse manager / manager.

  • Responsible for receiving goods.

  • Responsible for dispatch of goods.

  • Warehouse logistics technician / technician.

  • Technician / information technician / customer service in companies.

Keep studying:

  • Professional specialization courses

  • Another cycle of Vocational Training with the possibility of establishing validations of professional modules in accordance with current regulations.

  • The Baccalaureate in any of its modalities

What are the career opportunities?

This professional exercises his activity in any productive sector within the commercialization area or in the different sections of commercial establishments carrying out activities of sale of products and / or services through different commercialization channels or carrying out organizational and management functions of his own. trade.


More information

  • Equivalence of titles:

    • This title is equivalent to the LOGSE title:

    • This title is equivalent to the title LEY70:

      • Commercial

      • Commercial Assistant

      • Internal Trade Assistant

      • Reception and Tourist Services



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