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Primary education

San José de Calasanz has a long history in the world of education. More than 50 years have endorsed us as one of the longest-lived private-concerted schools in Elche.


We have a single line per course, which allows us closeness on the part of the teaching staff, with the families and the students. We believe that family and school must go hand in hand to achieve the objective that makes us exist, the education of free and authentic people.


Quality is our standard and our teaching team makes that quality possible. We have a stable, qualified, creative, motivating faculty who love their work above all else. Our teaching methodology is traditional but based on today, we do not forget the responsible use of ICT and our teachers are in constant training to offer our children the education they deserve, updated and focused on the skills of tomorrow.


Our school, San José de Calasanz, is characterized by a family atmosphere, where all the teachers know all the children and where the children have the same classmates from the beginning of their education, which favors the creation of solid and safe affective bonds. , which allows them to develop in a stable way. The companionship, empathy, closeness, coexistence and friendship are the engine that guides our day to day.


At the end of classes, a multitude of extracurricular activities are also offered at the school. Review classes, English, drawing, painting, dance, theater, crafts, robotics and sports are offered. In San José de Calasanz we also have a dining room service.

And for those parents who need it, also the morning hours from 8:00 to 9:00.


But that's not all ... the best thing is that you come and meet us! You will not regret!

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